Save the world 1 map at a time!

You can feel good knowing your map is going on to do big things.  

Your donation will be used in 1 of the following ways.

• Education

50% of the maps we receive are given to the public school system.  They are then used in a number of teaching ways, such as history, math, geography, art and more.  10% are donated to schools for children with special needs, where we work with them to teach navigation skills. 

• save the environment

An average of 300 maps a day are thrown into the trash putting undo strain on the environment. By donating your paper map you are reducing your carbon footprint and helping to save the world (1 map at a time)

• preserve knowledge 

Maps are more than just longitude and latitude they are time capsules. Every map was made with a purpose.  As such they preserve historical boarders, populations, place names etc.  

• Save a Millennial

We give (free of charge) a map to any person age 30 or under who asks for one.  Since navigation skills are important we also include a set of instructions and pertinent information on how to use it.  *  If you are under 30 and would like a map click below and fill out the form *

• Art and Paper map Sales

Unfortunately we can not donate all the maps sent in.  But you can feel good knowing that your map will be used for good.  We list them in our map library to be repurposed.  These maps that were going to be thrown away now have the chance to shine.  They will be repurposed where people can enjoy them for generations to come.   


• How to Donate 

Just fill out the form, mail in your maps and we will take care of the rest.