Why real maps?

Quite simply because maps tell a story.

Every place that you have ever been can be pinpointed on a map.  Where did you meet the love of your life? Where did you get married? Where did you graduate? Let’s find it on a map and build your memories into a mesmerizing, piece of art.

Our Mission

The Art of cartography is slipping into the void of electronic communication and dying a little more with each generation.  We are committed to the preservation and repurposing of these treasures so that they aren’t lost to pages of history.  We painstakingly rescue maps. Even if they are in pieces; we use all that we can in order to show off the hard work and creativity that went into developing a map before satellites.  This is the reason we use real, paper maps. Yes they still exist, but they are becoming scarce.  We don't just stop at map rescue we take it one step further and include a piece of history with each and every handmade art piece that we create.  This allows us to customize your personal piece.

MapOn Everyone!



"It is not enough for us to know where we are going. We also need to know how to get there. And to know how to get there, we must know where we came from"

                                                          ~ Vance Drumm