A Hero’s Quest

You know that feeling you get?

You feel it when you think of what could happen. It’s the giddy anticipation of possibility. What will happen when you get there? Who will you meet? What will you see and better yet what stories are you going to be able to tell when you get back. You are being called to adventure!

As much as we would like to think we can, we can’t all jump up at a whim and embark on an epic adventure. A quest takes planning.

Where is this quest taking us? What is it’s purpose? How will you get there? Who’s going to pay for it? Will you still have a job when you get back?

Yes, quests require planning, but they also require imagination. Enter maps, maps create a sense of wonder. We can look at a map and trace the voyages of antiquity. Living vicariously through the tales of epic hero’s of old. Then just as Odysseus did on his way to Troy we can chart our own hero’s journey. The journey of life.

Shown: 1917 Quest map of the Indian Ocean.

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