As if any one needed another reason to visit Lake Tahoe.

There are so many great things about Lake Tahoe highlighting just a few was a challenge but for #tahoetuesday here is our best go at it.

💙 It’s all sunshine in the Lake of the Sky

The sun shines a staggering 264 days a year. That’s 75% of the time.

💙 Tahoe wasn’t always called Tahoe.

Come visit Lake Bonpland, I mean Mountain Lake, I mean Lake Bigler. No waits it’s Lake Tahoe! Tahoe was not the official name of the glorious lake until the California State Legislature secured the matter in 1945.

💙 Tahoe’s only island also name issues Tahoe’s only island Fannette Island had several name changes over the last 100 years. At different times it was Coquette Island, Baranoff Island, Hermit Island, Emerald Isle and my favorite Dead Man’s Island.

💙 Beware of the Ghost runs. You’ve heard of our ghost towns but have you heard of our ghost runs? There are the reminents of at least half a dozen abandoned and forgotten ski resorts.

💙 Tahoe is popular. Like really popular

Lake Tahoe receives roughly 3 million tourists per. Making it on par with The Grand Canyon and Yellowstone.

💙 Gambling is big business

There are 7,052 slot machines on the Nevada side of lake Tahoe. That is 111 slot machines per square mile. May the odds ever be in your favor.

Did we miss any? What are your favorite Tahoe facts?

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