Crazy Map laws that are still in effect.

We all know there are some pretty outdated laws still on the books. So in honor of our love for maps and all that is mappery (yes I am making up new words, and no I don’t care). Here are some weird and whacky laws about the art of Map making...

🗺 Talk about distracted driving

Better practice your folding skills because In California it is illegal to use GPS while driving, but perfectly legal to use a paper map while behind the wheel.

🗺 Pirates beware!

In Pennsylvania it is illegal to draw a map leading to or depicting any kind of treasure whether buried or above ground.

🗺 Washington keeps Bigfoot’s secrets.

In Washington it is illegal to draw a map to any location where Bigfoot either resides or is known to frequent. Well Bigfoot your kind is damage for now (in Washington at least)

🗺Purveyors of profanity better keep it clean In Maryland it is punishable by law to yell any profanity near a public street. This also applies to the printing any profanity on a map or sheet of directions near a depiction of a public street.

🗺 Preserving our National Treasure.

In New Mexico it is illegal to print the National or States Anthem on a map. It’s considered misuse of a National Treasure.

🗺 I see jail in your future. In Oregon don’t break the law, your fortune can depend on it. There is a law banning the creating, printing or drawing of any fortune maps of ones palm.

🗺 Google maps takes plagiarism seriously.

You can print off a Google map but you can’t copy one. It is strictly prohibited to trace any google map onto another piece of paper. But you are allowed to print as many copies as you want.

Map-on my fellow Cartography enthusiasts, just make sure you keep it above board. And remember it is perfectly legal to create a map of an escape route out of bprison. But it is not legal to create a map of an escape route while IN prison.

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