Just a quick #wanderlustwednesday post

Wanderlust! What is it about a far off land that gives us such a feeling?

Wanderlust can take many forms. It can be longing for a different time or place. A distant past we’ve never known but feel a calling to. Some people wanderlust for memories of a time in your own life, where things seemed magical and all was right with the world. Others wanderlust toward the future. Imaging where they might go and who they might meet. They think of a place in the unknown, a place that could or will change the course of the rest of your life. Wanderlust allows you to open your imagination and forget the problems you are facing in this uncertain world. Wanderlust gives you hope it allows you to feel there is more out there, better out there, you just have to go see it. It is through maps that our wanderlust is fueled. Maps have the ability to show us the unknown. They make sense of what’s out there so we don’t blindly go looking for the edge of the world. They teach us, but even more they show us and allow us to open the flood gates that fuel our wanderlust. Where would you go if you could? What fuels your wanderlust?

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