Map-Tastic. The complete and total awesomeness that are maps!

Did you know under 20% of people under the age of 38 know how to read a #map And only 50% in the 12-17 age group have ever even seen one?

So for #traveltuesday I’ve decided to do all you #gps folks a solid and let you in on 5 reasons why #maps are still super important and not to mention awesome (even in a digital age)😉.

🗺 No service? No problem! Paper maps never freeze, are never out of cell zones, need batteries or require software updates. So when GPS fails maps rise up to be the hero of the story. Sorry GPS you are doomed to forever by the sidekick not the lead.

🗺 Maps make you smarter. Maps are #artistic #historical #mathematical and #geographical in nature. So while you are innocently reading a #map and daydreaming about your next destination you are getting a #navigationlesson #mathlesson #sciencelesson #geographylesson and #historylesson all in one fail swoop.

🗺 Maps keep us connect us in a world of digital distance. They ground us to our surroundings. They provide a connection to memories, people a time and a place.

🗺. Get #lost and love it. Maps #inspire you to #explore to get lost and find yourself all at once. To push your #imagination to the edges of the world and be limitless in your travels.

🗺 Maps are the only thing that can show you where you’ve been, where you are and where your going all at one time. In a sense it’s 3 tenses. Past, present and future. #pastpresentfuture

So tell me why are maps important to you? Do you think are we raising a generation without basic navigation skills? Let’s all join together and keep maps relevant

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