Reasons maps are awesome.

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Did you know under 20% of people under the age of 38 know how to read a paper map? And only 50% in the 12-17 age group have ever even seen a paper map?

So to do all you non-mappers a solid I’ve compiled a list of why paper maps are still super important and not to mention awesome (even in a digital age)...

🗺 No service? No problem! Paper maps never freeze are never out of cell zones or require software updates. 🔑 Maps are always going to be the HERO of the story where GPS will always be the sidekick. Paper Maps step up where gps fails.

🗺. Maps make you smart. While reading a Map you get a lesson in math, science, geography, history, and basic navigation all in one

🗺 Maps keep us Connected. Maps connect us in a world of digital distance. They ground us to our surroundings. They provide a connection to memories.

🗺 Get lost and found at the same time.

Maps inspire you to explore, to get lost and find yourself all at once. To push your imagination to the edges of the world and be limitless in your travels.

🗺. For all inTENSE and purposes.

Maps are the only thing that can show you where you’ve been, where you are and where your going to be all at one time. In a sense it’s 3 tenses. Past, present and future

So now that you have been learned on the awesomeness of Maptitude what are you waiting for. Head on over to our store and pick yourself up some map art.

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