The longing, the needing, the reasons?

We all long for it. Many do it. Most do it for pleasure, others for business. Some do it to relax and to de stress. Others only do it on special occasions and some for religious purposes.

We are talking about travel of course. People travel for all types of reasons. With more and more people venturing out these days we decided to take a look at the different types of travelers.

🗺 Adventure:

The risk taker. This type of traveler explores uncharted territory. It’s the call of the unknown and the romantic uncertainty of what will happen when you get there. They know this odyssey has an inherent risk but to this person the risk is worth the adventure. They feel a distant connection to the hero’s of antiquity and just like Achilles and Odysseus their stories of adventure will stand the test of time.

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🗺 Spiritual journey: This is for the person who longs to transcend. They know that it is only by experience we grow. Much like the pilgrimage they feel a spiritual connection to a place and know they will not be complete until they ebark on this journey. They go with an open mind, ready, willing and eager to learn life for themselves. They throw out what others have taught them and seek to know and to understand how this magical world works for themselves. They often embark on this spiritual journey one way and return with a whole new outlook on life.

If your like me and you have the calling

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🗺 Exploration. That great historical reason for travel. The yearn the need to discover. As humans we have always felt the need to venture beyond our boarders and discover the unknown. For the modern traveler they have read about a place, studied the maps and have already been mentally transported to it. They feel in their bones their is more to learn about it. They are confidant they will find, unfound things. They know that just like their prodeceders Marco Polo and Lois and Clark they will redefine our knowledge of a place.

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🗺 Bonding: This is the traveler looking to make meaningful connections. They know that in this socially distant world we long, nay need human interaction. They go on the family trip. They unplug and make memories. They get to know each other, they reconnect and forge a closer bond. This traveler often goes on road trips, visits national parks and camps with their friends and family.

If like me you long for that old school

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🗺 Identity: In this amazing technilogicsl age we know more about our ancestry than ever before. The identity traveler is one who embarks on a cultural odyssey. They know you can’t know where your going until you know where you've been. They feel a culture and heritage just waiting to come out in them. With a longing to embrace their homeland and take in long forgotten customs. . They create a real connection to their past and by doing so make their future at the same time.

As an avid believer in DNA memory I

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🗺 Business: This more than what we think of just a business trip. Yes many people are told to travel for the sake of their work. While others choose to travel for business. They pick a profession that requires a nomadic existence, ala the ancient trader. Wandering from place to place gathering and selling items, discovering life in the process. Their very work requires them to travel they have to for their lively hood.

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🗺 The drifter:

Awe the elusive drifter, the nomad, the gypsy the tramp. This is the person forced into a life of perpetual travel either by their own inability to plant roots or by a cultural need. Some are running from the law. Others are destined to roam the planet by a culture. Some just know that to be free, really be free you myay stay on the move, never landing in one place too long. They are the rambler who craves experience over an emotional connection to people. Their first and only love is the road.

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Why do you travel? Do you identify with one of the types listed above or do you have another reason? We would love to hear about it. And as always mapon everyone.