The Pre Quest.

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

The Quest. That illusive call to adventure! you can’t help but think…

What will happen when you get there? Who will you meet? What will you see and better yet what stories are you going to be able to tell when you get back.

As much as we would like to think we can, we can’t drop everything on a whim and embark on a quest. A quest takes planning. Where is this quest to? What is the purpose of it? How will you get there? How will you pay for it? Will you still have a job when your done? Yes quests take planning, but they also take imagination.

Enter maps, maps provide a sense of wonder. We can study the voyages of antiquity and imagine what they saw along there journeys. They help us reminisce of a time long forgotten. A time where adventure was around every corner. Maps allow us to escape without escaping by taking us on a mental quest. They open new pathways in the brain, allowing us to journey before our journey.

So grab a map (or some map art) and go on your very own pre-quest. Who knows maybe someday that same map will accompany you on a quest of your own.

~ Harmony

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