Did you ever want to have your own enviable collection?

Something that people want or need that continues to collect value. Did you know that maps are one of the last value collections that you don’t need a fortune to start?

I often blog about the value maps bring to our lives. They make us smarter, open new pathways in the brain, Blah, blah, blah. But let’s talk about value, Like big money value! With stock in maps on a steady rise 15% last year alone we’ve decided to show you some of the monetary value of maps.

🗺 America the land of…


$10 million map (yes you read that right). A 1507 map that was the first depiction of the word “America” sold for a cool 10 mil. Although 1000 were originally made only 1 is known to be an original. The existence of the map was unknown until 1901 when —— found it by accident in a library. This expensive map now belongs to U.S Library of Congress

🗺 While on the subject of ridiculously expensive American maps.

In 1784 the Newly formed United States printed its first map. Produced by Abel Buell and one of the rarest maps in the world sold for a whopping $2 million. There are 7 copies are known in existence that’s $14 million in maps.

🗺 Rand Mcnealy ain’t got nothing on this.

Today maps are everywhere but there was a time when maps had to be drawn and copied by hand Before the mass production of maps a lone map was printed. The first modern printed map was in a 1475 encyclopedia The "Rudimentum Novitiorum,". A mere sample was sold for a staggering $829,000

🗺 China the of the world?

Weve all known people who think they are the center of the world but in this map China literally shows it. And for a mere $1 million this rice paper map could be yours. Provided you have the room in your mansion to hold the 12 foot map.

🗺 This map is literally out of this world.

The “Apollo 17 Landing” map, which sold for $28,000 is the very map carried by the 1972 astronauts. The purpose of this map? To help them find their way back to the spacecraft (incase they got lost on their stroll across the MOON)

So hold on to those maps my friends, you never know if one of these will someday make this list. And be sure to check back next map Monday when we give map hunting tips so you can start your own collection.