Whats the one thing we can all count on in a crises?

In these unsertain times it’s easy to feel lost. The unfamiliar is scary, but it doesn’t have to The‘re is one item that will always save the day. When you are lost it will ride in on its white horse and lead you to safety. A real tried and true life saver. We are talking about maps of course. You would literally be lost without them.

There is just something so familiar about a map. Maybe it’s the fact that they have always been there. You might not have needed one in a while, probably haven’t tried to fold one in even longer. But you know that as soon as it’s in your hands that old comfortable feeling will come back. Like a warm hug from an old friend, or the smell of Grandma’s cookies. It’s comforting to know that where ever you are, no matter your situation, or cell service, a map will get you home safely. Even if you don’t need it, as long as it is with you, you will be ok.

Sadly technology has been slowly replacing navigational skills. Younger generations aren’t being taught the necessity (let alone how to read) a map. Here at Creative cARTography our goal is to correct this and bring life skills back into the hands of our youth. Through our Map Rescue program we collect map donations. With these donations we work hard to create map awareness. Head on over to our Map Rescue page for additional information and ways you can help.

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